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Two people having a meetingThree Rivers Provider Network maintains printed and Internet directories, as well as a 24-hour 800 number. All claims are processed within 24 hours of receipt and use a HIPAA 837 format for patient confidentiality.

Woman on the phone Please contact TRPN today at (866) 393-0966 to join the fastest growing PP0 network in the country.

Three Rivers Provider Network
The National PP0 Solution

Three Rivers Provider Network (TRPN) is the largest and fastest growing propriety PPO in the United States. With more than 550,000 providers, TRPN contracts with over 5,000 hospitals and 70,000 ancillary facilities to provide group health coverage, workers compensation and auto library coverage.

Founded in 1996, TRPN began serving major auto clients to grant them PPO discounts without the risk of incurring billing errors. The service was so well-received that other companies contacted TRPN to provide similar services that focused on group health and worker compensation plans. Since then, TRPN has grown to serve 14 million people through their clients.

Nobody knows PPOs better than Three Rivers Provider Network. Their senior management team has an average of 17 years experience in the healthcare and insurance industries, and is committed to maintaining the highest quality PPO products with superior levels of customer service. TRPN PPO’s mission is to provide increased choices to their clients and to enable their customers to realize the highest value possible for their healthcare dollars.

TRPN’s goal is to create a win-win situation between the provider and patient community using mutually beneficial agreements. TRPN’s agreements offer healthcare providers a high percentage of total bill charges without limiting the provider through restricted usual and customary fee schedules. Membership benefits of TRPN members include discounts for services rendered.

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